The Brooklyn Hotel

Welcome to Brooklyn


Currently under construction, by way of opening in the springtime of 2020, Hotel Brooklyn will stand at the heart of Portland Street in Central Manchester.

It’s what you might call an homage to industry. A towering shrine to the new world and iconic urban landmarks. Like the Bridge itself, or the countless feet that criss-crossed the boards at Old Broadway. The way we look at it, if you rub up against greatness long enough, some of it might rub off on you...

Brooklyn will present such a scene of convenience and luxury as to run the other clubs out of town entirely. It’ll provide ample opportunity to experience Manchester in whichever direction you choose, whether that’s taking a gander at the Northern Quarter, a moony eyed stroll down Deansgate, or a quiet spot to pass sweet nothings and whisper I don’t know what.

Likewise, Brooklyn’s public areas will offer an atmosphere of irresistible familiarity, a sense of all those things we’re so fond of. An unplaceable yet undeniable sense of belonging. A place where outsiders become insiders, where stars ascend to new heights, and where we celebrate bygone eras by raising a glass to tomorrow.

What defines Brooklyn is a sense of true Mancunian hospitality, where everyone is welcomed just as they are. A city seen from all sides. In glorious technicolour.

The place to dine when you’re off the clock. A spot on the shady side of the street, where all the best stories are told.

Runyon’s will be a sanctuary for all the urban explorers – somewhere to be overfed and under-priced. Somewhere altogether pleasant to behold, where one can enjoy a good meal, a drink to calm the nerves, or be dazzled and delighted by the cast of characters. Somewhere you’ll delight to remain seated.

An oasis of gossip, theatre, untamed local energy, and an outstanding season menu. A living presence at the heart of the city.

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